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Archive for August 2007

n-Dimentioanl Minesweeper

I find it horrible, but interesting enough to share.

Minesweeper that can be played in 2-6 dimensions.

RSS Feed for Gmail

I just accidently discovered this recently – you can get your email messages on Gmail as an RSS feed.

25 Weirdest Animals

We have a Gremlin or two and a Jabba The Hut. Any more associations?

Contet-Aware Image Resizing

A new way to resize images based on the content, while maintaining the way “important areas” appear.

Watch the YouTube demonstration.

World of Warcraft

I just realized I haven’t checked my RSS feeds all week. This reason for this is not a 4 day hike or lack of internet connection (though I have been having trouble with the latter).

I finally found some time to play World of Warcraft. I’ve been wanting to do this for several years now, and finally I got the time.

It’s very addictive – I’m especially impressed with the graphical design and the sheer size of the world. You have a town, inside a country, inside a continent, inside a world, inside a multiverse. Lots of space to explore. The capital cities are also very impressive. I would attach some pictures, but they don’t really represent the 3D experience.

Playing alone would get old after a while, luckily I have Aya that enjoys playing with me. If any of you have some time to kill and wanna try this out and play together, let me know 馃檪

BTW, I’m still on the 10 days free account, but the ways things look I’m going to purchase an account, and possibly Aya as well.

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Infinite Patzpatz

Deleting Gmail Messages

In an effort to free up some Gmail space after running out of it, I searched for “.ppt” and “.pps” to find all powerpoint slides in my box. ALL “.pps” files and almost all “.ppt” were indeed well-intended spam. Deleting some of them helped me get down to only 91% full, and then I encountered the following message. It would have been amusing under different circumstances.