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Archive for March 2008

Paid Military Service Suggested by Amir Peretez

This law passed in the initial vote, though I think it has a snowball’s chance in hell to survive and become reality. Minimum wages for people who serve in the IDF.

I think this is a very good idea. In the dream world where this could actually happen it might be followed by the army becoming more efficient and competitive, layoffs for people that are not needed and just scratch their balls all day long – the end of the IDF as we know it today and the birth of something better.

Of course the money for all this will never come because of political reasons, even though in the long run this law actually saves money. But come on, it’s Israel, what politician exists that gives a shit about the long run?

Prepare For Summer

You know those ads “prepare your car for the winter”? Well, your computer deserves some attention as well.

The summer we’ve been having this March took its first victim – the thermic paste of my old Intel CPU fan has died, causing my computer’s core temperature to get to 90+ degrees and shutdown a few seconds after boot. The fan itself was working OK, but without the conductive thermal layer it was useless. Also, the pins that hold it together to the CPU were not in great shape, and the guy at the hardware store said this could happen again in a month or two.

Since this is only fucking March and we have a long summer ahead of us (plus moving from Haifa to the hot Herzliya), I decided to give our computer a treat and purchase a powerhouse of a fan – the Thermal Take Blue Orb.

The installation of this fan requires removing the motherboard. I tried instead to take a shortcut and juts remove the back panel.

But no good. So, I disconnected all the MB cables,

and took out the motherboard

Consulting with the manual all the way through

And fighting off both our cats

Applied some fresh thermal paste (very important step!)

Screwed the fan back on the top of the MB

Fought off our other cat Nano

And voil脿:

The result: my computer is summer-ready 馃檪

Cool GreaseMonkey Scripts

After Eran sent me this funny video today explaining GreeseMonkey (I knew it before, but it’s still funny), I looked up a few user scripts from this list. These are the ones that look most useful to me:

  • LookItUp – look up stuff in Wikipeida by highlighting text and pressing ‘w’.
  • Google Account Multi-Login – Change “Logout” button in Gmail to “Switch Users”. Didn’t work for me and some other recent users, but seems cool if it works.
  • Google Image Relinker – Google Images search results now has links to the images themselves, instead of to the containing webpage. Very useful.
  • Script Updater – Auto Update your scripts

诇诪讛 爪专讬讱 诇讗讻讜诇 讻砖专

诇驻讬 讛专讘 诪砖讛 讘讬讙诇, 诪讗讻诇 诪讝讜谉 诇讗 讻砖专 讬讛驻讜讱 讗讜转谞讜 诇诇讗 诪讜住专讬讬诐.

Some Fresh Starcraft II Videos

Still no release date 馃檨

Robot Dog

A bit scary, but very cool.

Joel on Web Standards

A mile long article by Joel Spolsky. He explains why he thinks IE8 should not force standard conformance, contrary to the popular opinion.

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

I was trying to answer this question – how many labeled rooted trees with n nodes are there?

A quick search didn’t find the answer (I’m sure a more detailed search would have). Then I had this idea – find the answer for small values of n, and look in the OEIS. I typed 1,2,9,64 in the search and quickly found the answer (which is n^(n-1) for those interested). I thought about it for a couple of minutes but still hadn’t come up with an answer as to why this is true.