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Archive for September 2007

My Age

According to this website, I’m 19.4 years old, and will live for about 54 more years. Of course their calculation didn’t factor in the fact that I’m a Quantum Immortal 🙂

Best Cat VS Dog I Know

Tamagotchi 2.0


Though, I am forced to wonder if I even have a right to say this. You know, WoW and all…


Google Around The World

Google made a video representing how an email message gets around the world. The video is made up of bits and pieces filmed by people all around the world.

Amusing watch.

WoW Birth Control

I solved the problem by hooking my gf to WoW 🙂

Weirdest Game

Weirdest game ever, thanks to Gabel for the reference.

Famous Death Quotes

“This is no time to make new enemies.” – when askd to forswear Satan 🙂