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Archive for November 2015

ATTENTION – This blog is moving to Medium

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From the looks of this blog, you might think I haven’t blogged in a while. That’s not true.

I have been blogging for a few months on Medium.

I have two main feeds there:

  1. – everything I write is accessible there (including #2).
  2. – truth about the nature of reality.

Most of what I’ve written in the last few months belongs to the second category. I’ve been rather embarrassed and feeling pretentious, so I haven’t published most on my posts on Facebook. I thought “my friends wouldn’t care”. But the truth is, I write because I want to reach a large audience, and Facebook is one of my primary distribution outlets. I’m going to publish my truth on Facebook and embrace it.

This blog,, is ending. It might mutate to something else in the future, like a personal website. Or it might stay rigid. (In the meantime I’m planning to move it off WordPress and into some static/free hosting like Github Pages).

Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed this blog, and hope you follow me on Medium.


For those who care why I’m moving: There are ups and downs to using Medium. The main downside is: I don’t “control my content” (although I do retain the legal rights). Mainly, I don’t get the SEO.

The upside: Zero maintenance costs, it just works, no comment spam, and I believe I can get ultimately more exposure there.