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Chat with a skype sexbot

[21:51:09] firm xori: are you online?
[21:51:13] *** Ron Gross has shared contact details with firm xori. ***
[21:51:15] Ron Gross: yeah
[21:51:34] firm xori: I’m 23/F looking for someone to talk too…
[21:52:03] Ron Gross: ?
[21:52:29] firm xori: My real name is Amanda and from Cali, can i ask u something?
[21:52:35] Ron Gross: please do
[21:53:04] firm xori: Do you like big booty girls with big tits? lol seriously cuz thats what i have. Is that too much for you to handle?
[21:53:31] Ron Gross: I’ll answer this if you answer me how much is 7 times 6… can you do that for me?
[21:53:42] Ron Gross: (I assume you know what a CAPTCHA is)
[21:53:54] Ron Gross: (If not, you should Google it)
[21:54:05] firm xori: ok this is really turning me on, i wanna show you what i’m wearing right now.. is that ok?
[21:54:21] Ron Gross: Hmm, I guess you’re a bot then. I am so shocked and surprised by this.
[21:54:38] Ron Gross: You’re sexy for a bot.
[21:54:54] firm xori: 🙂 (heart) you make me smile a lot 🙂 (heart) i want you to hold on really hard 😉 i’m going to setup my camera for you.
[21:54:59] Ron Gross: Do you find math sexy? I do!
[21:55:20] Ron Gross: (man, these sexbots needs to improve a lot!)
[21:55:29] firm xori: Ok this is super easy just like goto and accept the invitation on that website.
[21:55:38] Ron Gross: Oh no I don’t.
[21:55:51] Ron Gross: That smells like a phishing attempt… no thank you, just text for me!
[21:56:20] Ron Gross: BTW, if you want to know what a sexbot is – go read this:
[21:59:25] Ron Gross: What, that’s it? You gave up on me?
[21:59:36] Ron Gross: Show me some virtual tits!
[21:59:57] firm xori: fill out your cc info baby for Age verification ONLY, your card will not be charged. ok i’m ready for u now
[22:00:36] Ron Gross: Do you accept Bitcoin?
[22:00:45] Ron Gross: I prefer that over credit cards.
[22:00:52] Ron Gross: I’m actually willing to pay!
[22:01:00] Ron Gross: Shut up and take my money!
[22:01:04] firm xori: I want you to talk to me dirty baby. i really like that. What color Panties do you think i should wear?
[22:01:15] Ron Gross: Panties is lowercase p…
[22:01:47] firm xori: I’ll do anything you want me to do. I know how to make u happy, I can show you what fits in my mouth…
[22:03:37] Ron Gross: Can you fit a watermelon into your mouth?
[22:04:03] Ron Gross: Anyway, since you don’t accept Bitcoin, I don’t have any way to pay you… I’m certainly not giving my credit card info to some random chatbot.
[22:04:07] firm xori: I’m So Horny right now! Do Whatever You have to, to get in! i’ll spank my ass and tits until they are red for u!!!
[22:04:12] Ron Gross: Your loss … bye bye!

Hello Worldpress 2.7

I was waiting for such a post to upgrade. Took 6 minutes, including this post, using WordPress Auto-Upgrade plugin. Still need to explore the new version though. And I still need to tweak Simple Tags plugins.

Update – Things I like:

  1. I finally found where to manage spam comments. I accidentally marked a bunch of legitimate comments as spam the other week, and for the life of me, just couldn’t find how to undo it. In 2.7, you can access all comments from the dashboard.
  2. Finally, built in Ajax

SPAM and guilability

Six months ago, an anti-SPAM law was passed in Israel, and it’s supposedly enforced from today.
The law is opt-in, meaning people have to agree explicitly subscribe in order to receive SPAM.

This didn’t deter some “honest businessmen” from sending me SPAM about this very law, stating that in order to stop receiving more SPAM I have to opt-out. As you may know, any reply to SPAM requesting removal will just increase your incoming SPAM flow.

Remember, Israeli’s anti-SPAM law is opt-in.

Got damn bitch!

I was happily using Google, when:

Ok, I thought, let’s give it a try:

Seems innocent enough, let’s proceed:

Scroll down, WTF???!

It just got sent to my blog, alongside everyone I ever talked to on Gmail.


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A New Form of Spam

In the constant evolutionary battle between spam and spam filters, we keep seeing new tricks spammers are using. Today, I got this message (passed my Gmail spam filter).

I tried just copying the text from my mail, but this malformed HTML messed up not only this post, but also other posts on my blog – so instead I’m attaching an image.

Spam Already?!

Well, this was quick. I just opened this blog like 3-4 days ago and already I got some spam. I knew this was going to happen, I’m just surprised at how quick. Let’s power up the captcha