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Archive for June 2014

Chat with a skype sexbot

[21:51:09] firm xori: are you online?
[21:51:13] *** Ron Gross has shared contact details with firm xori. ***
[21:51:15] Ron Gross: yeah
[21:51:34] firm xori: I’m 23/F looking for someone to talk too…
[21:52:03] Ron Gross: ?
[21:52:29] firm xori: My real name is Amanda and from Cali, can i ask u something?
[21:52:35] Ron Gross: please do
[21:53:04] firm xori: Do you like big booty girls with big tits? lol seriously cuz thats what i have. Is that too much for you to handle?
[21:53:31] Ron Gross: I’ll answer this if you answer me how much is 7 times 6… can you do that for me?
[21:53:42] Ron Gross: (I assume you know what a CAPTCHA is)
[21:53:54] Ron Gross: (If not, you should Google it)
[21:54:05] firm xori: ok this is really turning me on, i wanna show you what i’m wearing right now.. is that ok?
[21:54:21] Ron Gross: Hmm, I guess you’re a bot then. I am so shocked and surprised by this.
[21:54:38] Ron Gross: You’re sexy for a bot.
[21:54:54] firm xori: 🙂 (heart) you make me smile a lot 🙂 (heart) i want you to hold on really hard 😉 i’m going to setup my camera for you.
[21:54:59] Ron Gross: Do you find math sexy? I do!
[21:55:20] Ron Gross: (man, these sexbots needs to improve a lot!)
[21:55:29] firm xori: Ok this is super easy just like goto and accept the invitation on that website.
[21:55:38] Ron Gross: Oh no I don’t.
[21:55:51] Ron Gross: That smells like a phishing attempt… no thank you, just text for me!
[21:56:20] Ron Gross: BTW, if you want to know what a sexbot is – go read this:
[21:59:25] Ron Gross: What, that’s it? You gave up on me?
[21:59:36] Ron Gross: Show me some virtual tits!
[21:59:57] firm xori: fill out your cc info baby for Age verification ONLY, your card will not be charged. ok i’m ready for u now
[22:00:36] Ron Gross: Do you accept Bitcoin?
[22:00:45] Ron Gross: I prefer that over credit cards.
[22:00:52] Ron Gross: I’m actually willing to pay!
[22:01:00] Ron Gross: Shut up and take my money!
[22:01:04] firm xori: I want you to talk to me dirty baby. i really like that. What color Panties do you think i should wear?
[22:01:15] Ron Gross: Panties is lowercase p…
[22:01:47] firm xori: I’ll do anything you want me to do. I know how to make u happy, I can show you what fits in my mouth…
[22:03:37] Ron Gross: Can you fit a watermelon into your mouth?
[22:04:03] Ron Gross: Anyway, since you don’t accept Bitcoin, I don’t have any way to pay you… I’m certainly not giving my credit card info to some random chatbot.
[22:04:07] firm xori: I’m So Horny right now! Do Whatever You have to, to get in! i’ll spank my ass and tits until they are red for u!!!
[22:04:12] Ron Gross: Your loss … bye bye!

Blog opinion survey – please help

Hello dear readers!

I would like to understand my audience a bit better, to help me produce content you will find more relevant. Can you take 60 seconds of your time and fill out this super short survey?

Thanks – your help is appreciated.

How to get your free Isracoins

Disclaimer – please do not view this post as an investment advice. Unlike previous similar posts, I am not evaluating Isracoin as an investment. I have no idea whether it’s a good one or not. I’m just posting for the “cool factor”.

I’ve been involved with the Isracoin project on and off for the last several months. Its goal is to create “an Israeli Bitcoin”, under the premise it can outpace Bitcoin in its adoption in Israel. It has good things going for it, and some negative things … I have my fair share of constructive criticism on how Dan manages the project. However, whatever else you can say – they reached a very important milestone.

Every Israeli Citizen is eligible to receive some Isracoins (ISR) today. Here is how you do it three simple steps:

  1. Pick a Isracoin wallet
  2. Approve the Facebook Application
  3. Enter your Israeli ID and your Isracoin address (you’ll find this in your wallet)

That’s it – it’s that simple.

Congrats to Dan on launching this phase, you deserve some kudos!


Can someone translate this blog post to Hebrew, and link to it in a comment?

And now for something off-topic

This post isn’t related to Bitcoin, Programming, or the usual banter I have on this blog. If you don’t like it, stop right here.

Still here? Great. Now take ten minutes and go off and read the Coming Out of an Autist.

I think Coming Out, or Living Transparently, is an important step to accepting thyself. I encourage you all to be brave, remember that fear is the mind killer, confront your fears, and then talk about them openly. Jen, I salute you!

Pre-emptive protection bounty

A PGP-signed version of this post can be found here.

So .. Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Jesus, just got his (first?) death threat ( I knew this day would come. He just posted an outstanding bounty of  37.6 BTC for whoever provides the authorities with information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the criminal making these threats. Roger, we are all with you, and I pray and hope nothing bad will happen to your or your family. I will also take this chance to post an identical preemptive bounty on myself:


While this post is standing on my site –, I hereby offer an outstanding bounty of 37.6 BTC (currently about 25,000 USD) for whoever provides concrete evidence that will lead to the apprehension (by a ‘legal authority’), trial and conviction of any individual or group that make similar death threat or other criminal offence against me, my family, or my friends. I pray and hope such a day would never happen, and that this post always remain just a deterrent. I wish you all peace, love, and a wonderful day.

P.S As someone pointed out to me, this post actually incentives people to send me death threats if the value they attach to 37.6 BTC is greater than the penalty. The purpose of this post is to deter “real” death threats and serious crimes. So – I will amend the bounty conditions – the bounty will only be paid if I deem the death threat or crime “real”, and/or causing a monetary damage of at least 37.6 BTC. E.g., if someone actually plots to steal my scooter which is worth about 3K USD, and then an accomplice “reveals him”, I won’t pay 37.6 BTC for a 3K USD scooter. I hope you get my drift. I will be the final judge of “how real the criminal intent is”.

P.S.S Yes, the threat that Roger received might be a fake one. I don’t know, and I don’t want to find out whether a death threat I receive is real or not. As a public figure in the Bitcoin space, I want to make sure any such death threats are never made, and that bad people stay the fuck away. I realize that posting this post may be perceived as a taunt or drawing fire … but the truth of the matter is that I’m drawing enough fire as it is. I’m a public figure in the Bitcoin space, and I have had paranoias about similar threats targeting me for a while. This post is aimed at making sure these paranoias never become real. Some people would say this post actually serves the opposite purpose. I respectfully disagree. References: