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Archive for January 2008

Best Blond Joke Ever

Saw this one a long time ago, but now I finally have a blog so I can spread the fun.

Someone should graph this one. Whoops, they have.

Near Death Experience

Just a quick post from an internet cafe – me and Pisnoy did some off-piste snowboarding last night and got stuck on the mountain for the night. Rescue teams were launched, and did not find us. We broke into some cabin and slept there, continued skiing in the morning. There was no celluar reception there.

We are ok with no injuries, just the experience. More (and pictures) later, after we return to Israel (Sunday night).

BTW, European keyboards are extremly weired, you won’t believe it.

Facebook Spyware Thingy

Courtesy of Eran

Since everybody seems to accept/invite to all kind of stupid things:
Facebook Spyware App


Another example of how weird we are:

Look at the image to the left in this hebrew wikipedia article, and read the text.

BTW, surprisingly, I didn’t find this exact image at the English wikipedia as well, and too bad for it. I don’t have the time to put it in now though.

Update – added a short description of the experiment:

It’s an experiment that demonstrates Synesthesia. I hope this experiments work in English as well.

Look at this picture, and decide which shape to name “Booba” and which “Kiki”.

Once you’ve made your choice, scroll down.

95% to 98% of people choose Kiki for the orange angular shape and Booba for the purple rounded shape.

More Recommenders

A couple of cool things from the guys that run MovieLens:

* SuggestBot – A bot responsible for assigning users of Wikipedia articles to edit that would be interesting to them.
* WikiLens – A general “recommendation wiki”. A wiki with ratings, which aspires to be the one place to get recommendations for stuff. I don’t think it has that much users, which weakens it, but the concept is cool. I want an import/synch with MovieLens, but this feature does not exist as of now.

Read the publication list for more.

Google Suggest in the Wrong Language

A cool feature I wanted for some time – I started typing in my Google search box in Firefox, but it was in the wrong language. Google knows my mistake:

BTW, the thing I was looking for for “gmail attachment problem”. For some time now whenever I click on an attachment in Gmail I get the attachment, but the current tab goes blank. If you have the same issue here is the solution – just disable/uninstall TabMix.