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Posts tagged ‘Evil’

Apparently, I’m a gamer

I’ve been playing Magic online for quite some time now, and have always had problems connecting to other players. Magic isn’t a bandwidth intensive or particularly sensitive to network latency, but I found that more and more I’m getting disconnected, have huge (10 seconds +) lag, and just plain connection problems.

Well, today, the problem is solved. It appears that Smile 012, my ISP, had to classify me as a “Gamer Profile” in order to get a straight connection working. These two test sites just would not work 99% of the time under the normal profile. It appears that the so called Gamer Profiles are connected to the internet backbone by fewer hops (012 usually charge 15 NIS – 4$ for this privilege). I’m not sure why it worked – as I mentioned, Magic shouldn’t be affected this much by latency.

Anyway, if you have the dubious pleasure of being a 012 customer, and want a supposedly better connection to the backbone, just tell them the tests sites I listed don’t work well for you – they won’t charge you for it. I think it also improved my torrent speeds.

Proposition 8

I usually don’t post about politics, but I can’t let this one slide.
Proposition 8, banning gay marriages in California, recently passed. One of the few places where such couples can feel free, is no longer, because its people voted against it.

Democracy is such a lovely thing, right? It gives the majority of the people the right to be bigots. The people of California have the power to interfere with the lives of gay people and hurt their happiness – when those gay couples did nothing to hurt them.

I’m usually an optimist, I think the world today is so much better than 10, 20 and 50 years ago. It appears that in some aspects, we’re still not good enough.

Fake Sites

Lately I see many sites using common misspelling with similar site design to attract users. Today was the first time I was attacked by one such site.

I was searching my own blog on the net to understand who if at all links to it, and got
this dangerous and misleading site. I saw a supposed link to my blog that looked like this (don’t follow this one):

Clicking it I got a Firefox warning asking if I want to run this “.com” application. Evil bastards.

Facebook Spyware Thingy

Courtesy of Eran

Since everybody seems to accept/invite to all kind of stupid things:
Facebook Spyware App

Mario’s Evil Japanese Twin

Not “the hardest game ever”, but the game looks really evil.

I Don’t Like Google Today

If you remember, when Gmail first appeared, Google promised us “we’ll never have to delete another email“. It’s now all about searching your email, and Google will take care of the storage problem for you.

This sounds reasonable, considering file attachments take up most of the space, and Google can easily detect identical files through a (really big) hash table and store only a single copy of every file.

However, I’m currently at 95% capacity of my alloted storage. It’s not my fault, I’m getting big emails, and not deleting them, just as Google asked. I even tried to search for all my large mails so I can delete them in one swoop, but it’s impossible using the current Gmail interface.

Today, I login and find this message. Gmail is kindly offering me to purchase additional storage. Thank you very much! What’s the matter, AdSense not bringing in enough revenue anymore?

This gives me a really bad taste, especially as Yahoo! are now offering unlimited storage for free, for the last couple of months.

A bad one for you, Gmail.