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Posts tagged ‘Humor’

Cats life cycle

Here is a small flow chart I created to explain the life cycle of our cats.

Cats Life Cycle

If you have cats, you may have a few adjustments to this diagram (all cats are different).

The Ultimate Embarresment

Update – Boaz claims his Avast anti virus detected a virus after following the link below. My AVG doesn’t detect anything, but follow at your own peril (you should be safe with Firefox & NoScript anyway)

A Blue Screen of Death project in the 2008 Olympics 馃檪 (while Bill Gates was attending it)

Which are you, Circle or Square?


I’m a square myself.

诇诪讛 爪专讬讱 诇讗讻讜诇 讻砖专

诇驻讬 讛专讘 诪砖讛 讘讬讙诇, 诪讗讻诇 诪讝讜谉 诇讗 讻砖专 讬讛驻讜讱 讗讜转谞讜 诇诇讗 诪讜住专讬讬诐.

Interstellar Economics

For those of you not subscribed to my Shared Items, here is some silly research on the economics of interstellar travel.

First Fundamental Theorem of Interstellar Trade: When trade takes plaec between two planets in a common inertial frame, the interest costs on goods in transit should be calculated using time measured by clocks in the common frame, and not by clocks in the frame of trading spacecraft.

Second Fundamental Theorem of Interstellar Trade: If sentient beings may hold assets on two plaents in the same inertial frame, competition will equalize the interest rates on the two planets.

Worm-Free Lettuce

I’m considering doing my grocery shopping online, and I’ll probably use this website (Hebrew). I was browsing it today, when I came across this – they charge you 1 NIS more to ensure your lettuce is worm-free.

Music Sales

As a new music creator surfaces, his few fans just buy his records. Then, at some point, someone puts it on some file-sharing network and only people that actually believe in paying for music do.

Faulty Reverse Turing Test

I got this PDF attachment from Technion, and opening it directly took too long for some reason (Gmail is terribly slow for me lately), so I tried Gmail’s “View as HTML”. Apparently, it thinks I’m a bot: