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Archive for June 2012

The Illusion of Choise – The Stanley Parable

Please stop reading this post and go watch the first two minutes of this video (spoiler alert!).

The video is a complete walk-through of the excellent free game The Stanley Parable. The game can be completed in about 7 minutes, but you’ll want to play it over and over again to fully explore it (or you can just watch the full walk-through).

I don’t want to give too many spoilers, so I’ll just say it has some of the best narratives I’ve seen, including Bastion. The role of the narrator in this game is … unique.

So if you haven’t already, go see at least the first two minutes of the video, and I highly suggest you spend the full 31 minutes either playing or watching all the different endings.

Interviewing? Keep it simple, stupid!

If any of you are intereview for a job any time soon, please take this advice to heart – just like KISS is a good principle in your every day job, it’s a great principle in a job interview.

Some people like to boast their skills when interviewing.

“I’m a Java Guru”

“I’m excellent at Big Data analysis on a NoSQL system in the cloud”

“I like well designed code … here are my favorite design patterns, I use them all the time”

Some of the above statements could apply to you … but be sure to be relevant to the job you’re interviewing for, and the tests you’re given. If you are asked to do a simple hands on coding session, know that your interviewer just want to see you code, he doesn’t need to you implement Map Reduce or show off your Uber Design Pattern skills.

Sure, it’s nice to sprinkle in good design, unit tests, and write scalable code … but before you do all those things, make sure you get the job done, on time, without bugs. Do the important stuff first, and show off later, if you have the time.