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Posts tagged ‘Cool’

Self-Replicating 3D printer

This is essentially a printer that can print itself out (= reproduce), and is Open Source and free. Being still a research project, when it’s functional I’m guessing it will spread like wildfire.

Rise of the machines anyone?

Grid is a Superb Game

At least that’s how I feel after I played a single time at it.

It’s a combination of 16 more and less familiar games, which are time-slotted – just try it. Most games are very easy, but the rapid changing of games makes it challenging. Another bit of coolness is that it analyzes your different game skills:

The Best Incredible Machine Ever


You haven’t seen anything like it, though I would bet it wasn’t filmed in a single take.

The chess plays are ingenious.

Google SMS

Not functioning yet in Israel (at least on my cell phone), but looks cool.

Future GUI

Watch Bump Top, a really cool (though useless, for me at least) replacement for a desktop. Also, it seems holograms are getting really good.

(All this from
this article


Geni is a free genealogy website. It has an extremely easy user interface, and allows you to build and maintain a family tree in minutes.

Your tree is shared among your family, who can edit and expand it themselves. A classic Web 2.0 website – too bad I didn’t think of that 🙂