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Archive for January 2013

My Master thesis is now locked!

I wrote my master thesis in computer science 4.5 years ago, and it was published by my universitry, the Technion. It was always very Googlable – just Google for “Ron Gross master thesis”.

Well, I happened to do this exact Google search today, and found the correct Technion webpage with my abstract, clicked on “Full Thesis Text” to download the PDF … and found that my thesis is now access-locked outside of the Technion network!

What the fuck?

I hate academic censorship. My thesis might or might not be relevant to someone out there (someone actually cited it a few years ago), but there is no reason to have it locked. I did find another technion page that provided full access, but who knows … that might be gone tomorrow as well.

Luckily, I have of course saved a full copy of my thesis in my trusty old gmail. So, for posterity, if you happen to be interested in “Invariance Under Stuttering in Branching-Time Temporal Logic“, go right ahead and download it. Free as beer, and free speach. No subscription required.

BTW, I’m a proponent of the Higher education bubble hypothesis.

Migrating from Producteev to Asana

I finally decided to move from Producteev to Asana. We’ve been using it at work, and I think it’s an excellent website so I’ll be using it for all my task management stuff from now on. I have the following projects (some with several workspaces):

  1. CommerceSciences – work stuff
  2. Personal projects – including one-off tasks & repeat tasks (like “Weekly task scrub”, “Check air/oil for my scooter”, “Shave”, and “Do my Taxes” – yeah, I’m pedantic this way).
  3. Draw3Cards
  4. Bitcoin

I’m collaborating on the above with different people. And all this goodness is free!

Thanks Ken Egozi for pointing out Asana to me, and Oren Ellenbogen for pushing for it at work.

Weekly Newsletter for the Lazy Manager

Oren Ellenbogen, my longtime friend, mentor & colleague has recently started a weekly newsletter with some link goodies.
The newsletter is aimed to bring you a good amount of value without flooding you with too much links.

I’ve personally been able to find a few interesting links every week.

Please check it out at