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Posts tagged ‘xkcd’

xkcd explain chrome extension

Love xkcd? Don’t always understand it?
Use chrome?

Then try this new extension I wrote (github).

Fewer projects makes a lean solution

Bogen just optimized our visual studio solution by cutting down the number of projects in it from about 60 to 20 something. Compile time is blazing fast now, thanks dude (though this means less time for me to check Google Reader 馃檨 )

Bunch Of Links

What makes Google the best, according to Google.

How IBM is filing for a silly patent.

How to make your plants call you or update their Twitter status when they need water.

And finally:

Coconuts are so far down to the left they couldn't be fit on the chart. Ever spent half an hour trying to open a coconut with a rock?  Fuck coconuts.

Very Nice XKCD

Fitting into molds

(Credit to Eran for forwarding this to me).

Some xkcd

What’s amusing, beyond the Kill Bill 2 analogy, is that “hacking” and “algorithm complexity” are almost orthogonal concepts. An 1337 hacker doesn’t necessarily knows his algorithms, and of course algorithm designer (讗诇讙讜专讬转诪讬拽讗讬?) is usually a lousy hacker if anything.