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Posts tagged ‘Stupid’

Don’t be silly, turn Debug off

The number 2 rule of performance testing is “never test in Debug mode” (rule number 1 is “don’t optimize what you don’t need“).

Well, I was reminded today this is not limited to compiling your application in Release mode. A process I’m developing showed about 10 times worse performance than our initial testing showed. I began to think about optimizations and introducing parallelism, when a I stumbled on the real answer:

log4net logging level was on “Debug”. D’oh!

למה צריך לאכול כשר

לפי הרב משה ביגל, מאכל מזון לא כשר יהפוך אותנו ללא מוסריים.

Stupid Danish Cops

Funny as hell, “cyber crime” just stole someone’s home computer on allegations of credit card theft.

Using Google to reverse MD5 and how I almost revealed my password to the world

In this article Steven explains how he used Google to find the password for a given MD5 hash for a user that hacked into his site.

In one of the comments a reader points to this website that offers a direct database of md5 hashes. You enter a string and get its MD5, you enter an MD5 and (if it’s known) you get the original string.

The database only works on known (text, MD5) pairs. If I ask for the text of an MD5 the db hasn’t seen before, it won’t give an answer.

I use a single password to all my internet activities, because I’m lazy. So I almost went ahead and entered that password into the md5 database in order to check if the md5 is known. Then I realized how stupid this would be – it would actually add the information to the db, and actually reveal to the world my password.

Instead I privately checked what my MD5 is (using this C# code), then entered the MD5 into the DB to check if it knows the original password.

The result? No it doesn’t 🙂

File Destructor

Rather silly