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Fun fun fun game 🙂

It’s been a while since I laughed like this:

“The Enrichment Center is required to remind you that you will be baked, and then there will be cake.”

BTW, finishing it is worth it just for the end song alone. More on wikiquote.

WoW Birth Control

I solved the problem by hooking my gf to WoW 🙂

Weirdest Game

Weirdest game ever, thanks to Gabel for the reference.

Stolen Software

n-Dimentioanl Minesweeper

I find it horrible, but interesting enough to share.

Minesweeper that can be played in 2-6 dimensions.

World of Warcraft

I just realized I haven’t checked my RSS feeds all week. This reason for this is not a 4 day hike or lack of internet connection (though I have been having trouble with the latter).

I finally found some time to play World of Warcraft. I’ve been wanting to do this for several years now, and finally I got the time.

It’s very addictive – I’m especially impressed with the graphical design and the sheer size of the world. You have a town, inside a country, inside a continent, inside a world, inside a multiverse. Lots of space to explore. The capital cities are also very impressive. I would attach some pictures, but they don’t really represent the 3D experience.

Playing alone would get old after a while, luckily I have Aya that enjoys playing with me. If any of you have some time to kill and wanna try this out and play together, let me know 🙂

BTW, I’m still on the 10 days free account, but the ways things look I’m going to purchase an account, and possibly Aya as well.

Starcraft Board Game

Minesweeper: The Movie