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Archive for July 2007

Starcraft Cancelled

Sad but predictable.

This always happens with Starcraft, even at lan parties.

  1. Everybody has a different starcraft version, some might not play nice with others.
  2. We tried playing over the internet with hamachi (lan simulator). I think this failed because Starcraft doesn’t let you configure the network interface to listen on, so it probably chose the real NIC and not the fake one hamachi created.
  3. While 2 of us have real Battlenet keys, the others could not connect to BN. Spawnning the game didn’t help (and why would it, actually?)

At least in lan parties you can give everybody the same copy of the game and this usually works at the end (after an hour of hard labor).


Checkers Solved

I always said the game is not interesting, compared to chess and Go.

This Slashdot post confirms it – someone solved Checkers (שש בש), by creating a big ass database containing all possible positions…

Live Starcraft

I’m planning to play some Starcraft with friends this weekend. This prompted me to look at Starcraft vids on Youtube, and found this amusing one.


As I’m finally getting freed from the Pits of Despair, I’ll start spending a bit more time on the internet. I believe sending interesting emails to large groups of people is one way to keep in touch, but Yigael wisely commented that a blog might be a better solution instead of just spamming you all.

I agree. So without further bullshit, I too have a blog now.

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