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Starcraft Cancelled

Sad but predictable.

This always happens with Starcraft, even at lan parties.

  1. Everybody has a different starcraft version, some might not play nice with others.
  2. We tried playing over the internet with hamachi (lan simulator). I think this failed because Starcraft doesn’t let you configure the network interface to listen on, so it probably chose the real NIC and not the fake one hamachi created.
  3. While 2 of us have real Battlenet keys, the others could not connect to BN. Spawnning the game didn’t help (and why would it, actually?)

At least in lan parties you can give everybody the same copy of the game and this usually works at the end (after an hour of hard labor).



  1. Arik Yavilevich:

    What you need is your own game server. We use and it works very nice. We didn’t try to play it over the internet, though, just LAN. Also, get the latest patch from Blizzard.


  2. ripper234:

    We were all patched up, of course. I don’t remember seeing an option to choose a BattleNet server to connect to.

    If we do want to play over the internet, and I set up the serevr on my own computer, how can my friends connect to it?

  3. Arik Yavilevich:

    To change the default list of servers you need to make changes to your registry. See BNGatewayEditor for a GUI editor.

    For more info see docs for pvpgn: