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Archive for October 2007

Recent Events

I’ll make this a short one since I’m on a Dimitry’s internet, and he is stealing it from the neighbours 🙂

This tuesday I got officially released from the army and into reserve duty. It’s depressing that they have to spoil this beautiful day by reminding me I’ll be called back to the army for the rest of my life, but I guess it will be nice to see that place once enough time passes.

Yesterday we moved to our new apartment in Haifa. The move went extremly well, with very cheap yet very proffesional movers (Segal/Aviva moving). We are progressing well with our unpacking and are excited about our new home. You will soon be invited to drop by and visit.

Religious Brain

They found a biological basis for religion. WTF.


I wonder how common this phenomenon is.

Free Calls to Businesses

You obviously know the 1-800 numbers that provide free phone calls to businesses.
The problem is that dialing these numbers from a cellphone costs almost regular fees. I now saw in The Yellow Pages an option to have the business call you. It works well, and really fast.

Lorwyn Prerelease

Any of you that don’t care about Magic: The Gathering can skip on to the next post.

Last weekend I was at my first pre-release in 3 years. I played a solid faeries deck with 3 copies Boggart Sprite-Chaser, which was always , for me, a 2/3 flying creature for 2 mana.

Unfortunately my deck had no bombs, except Wort, Boggart Auntie, which was almost always killed the turn I played it 🙁

I went 3-0 for my first 3 games, and even managed to kill an incarnation and win. Then I got kicked in the face with the broken Cloudthresher which demolished my army of faries and proceeded to terminate me.

That’s what I hate about limited – bombs other people get 🙂

After another loss (at 3-2) I left the game in favor of a draft. I figured I had no chance to win something at the main event. I was wrong. It turns out places 9-16 were filled with people with four victories, so I could definitely have won 1-5 boosters. I ended up winning two boosters in the draft though, which was nice.