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Moved Back to Herzelia!

I’m too tired to write anything else about it, but Aya and I finally moved to Herzelia. Combine that with the fact that I finally submitted my master’s thesis this week, and you get that life should be so much better now (15 minutes to work instead of an hour and a half does a good deal to one’s health).

A downer is that my bike was just stolen 2 days before the move. It was my fault, I had bought a very good chain for it but almost never used it out of naivety. Live and learn I guess.

Our apartment is still a huge mess from the move, and we’ll be taking our sweet time unpacking. However, if anyone wants to drop by to a messy apartment and say hello, you’re welcome.

Recent Events

I’ll make this a short one since I’m on a Dimitry’s internet, and he is stealing it from the neighbours 🙂

This tuesday I got officially released from the army and into reserve duty. It’s depressing that they have to spoil this beautiful day by reminding me I’ll be called back to the army for the rest of my life, but I guess it will be nice to see that place once enough time passes.

Yesterday we moved to our new apartment in Haifa. The move went extremly well, with very cheap yet very proffesional movers (Segal/Aviva moving). We are progressing well with our unpacking and are excited about our new home. You will soon be invited to drop by and visit.