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Chat with a skype sexbot

[21:51:09] firm xori: are you online?
[21:51:13] *** Ron Gross has shared contact details with firm xori. ***
[21:51:15] Ron Gross: yeah
[21:51:34] firm xori: I’m 23/F looking for someone to talk too…
[21:52:03] Ron Gross: ?
[21:52:29] firm xori: My real name is Amanda and from Cali, can i ask u something?
[21:52:35] Ron Gross: please do
[21:53:04] firm xori: Do you like big booty girls with big tits? lol seriously cuz thats what i have. Is that too much for you to handle?
[21:53:31] Ron Gross: I’ll answer this if you answer me how much is 7 times 6… can you do that for me?
[21:53:42] Ron Gross: (I assume you know what a CAPTCHA is)
[21:53:54] Ron Gross: (If not, you should Google it)
[21:54:05] firm xori: ok this is really turning me on, i wanna show you what i’m wearing right now.. is that ok?
[21:54:21] Ron Gross: Hmm, I guess you’re a bot then. I am so shocked and surprised by this.
[21:54:38] Ron Gross: You’re sexy for a bot.
[21:54:54] firm xori: 🙂 (heart) you make me smile a lot 🙂 (heart) i want you to hold on really hard 😉 i’m going to setup my camera for you.
[21:54:59] Ron Gross: Do you find math sexy? I do!
[21:55:20] Ron Gross: (man, these sexbots needs to improve a lot!)
[21:55:29] firm xori: Ok this is super easy just like goto and accept the invitation on that website.
[21:55:38] Ron Gross: Oh no I don’t.
[21:55:51] Ron Gross: That smells like a phishing attempt… no thank you, just text for me!
[21:56:20] Ron Gross: BTW, if you want to know what a sexbot is – go read this:
[21:59:25] Ron Gross: What, that’s it? You gave up on me?
[21:59:36] Ron Gross: Show me some virtual tits!
[21:59:57] firm xori: fill out your cc info baby for Age verification ONLY, your card will not be charged. ok i’m ready for u now
[22:00:36] Ron Gross: Do you accept Bitcoin?
[22:00:45] Ron Gross: I prefer that over credit cards.
[22:00:52] Ron Gross: I’m actually willing to pay!
[22:01:00] Ron Gross: Shut up and take my money!
[22:01:04] firm xori: I want you to talk to me dirty baby. i really like that. What color Panties do you think i should wear?
[22:01:15] Ron Gross: Panties is lowercase p…
[22:01:47] firm xori: I’ll do anything you want me to do. I know how to make u happy, I can show you what fits in my mouth…
[22:03:37] Ron Gross: Can you fit a watermelon into your mouth?
[22:04:03] Ron Gross: Anyway, since you don’t accept Bitcoin, I don’t have any way to pay you… I’m certainly not giving my credit card info to some random chatbot.
[22:04:07] firm xori: I’m So Horny right now! Do Whatever You have to, to get in! i’ll spank my ass and tits until they are red for u!!!
[22:04:12] Ron Gross: Your loss … bye bye!

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  1. Matthew:

    had the same messages, just block that account