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Facebook Spyware Thingy

Courtesy of Eran

Since everybody seems to accept/invite to all kind of stupid things:
Facebook Spyware App


  1. Itay:

    You do realize that ALL facebook applications are spyware.
    the only thing this article has uncovered, is that historical public perception of “spyware” (client software) can be attributed to the new form.

    it’s like saying Muslim terrorists are bad, because they are loud an impolite when standing in line 🙂

    hope you’r alive and well.

  2. ripper234:

    Not all Facebook applications ask you to install a desktop program! Most apps just molest your profile, this one actually ran on your desktop and “did bad things”.

    The only connection to the FB application is that it was a cover for the real spyware. People who just installed the FB app but not the desktop app were not harmed.

    And yes, I’m alive and kicking 🙂