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Google Suggest in the Wrong Language

A cool feature I wanted for some time – I started typing in my Google search box in Firefox, but it was in the wrong language. Google knows my mistake:

BTW, the thing I was looking for for “gmail attachment problem”. For some time now whenever I click on an attachment in Gmail I get the attachment, but the current tab goes blank. If you have the same issue here is the solution – just disable/uninstall TabMix.


  1. Eran:

    Or, since some of us actually want Tabmix’s features, just right click and choose open in new tab (or use the keyboard shortcut for that action while clicking).

  2. ripper234:

    Yes, that.

    Apparently I wasn’t using it at all 🙂

  3. Amir:

    why they don’t use this feature also in their search results?
    i don’t look at the search box when i type.

  4. ripper234:

    True. Searching for ‘ןלןפקגןש which is what you get is you type Wikipedia with your keyboard in Hebrew mode, you get this result as the number one result, and Wikipedia itself is not in search results.

  5. Amir:

    I’ve seen several web sites, trying to produce a service from this type of errors.
    Then I thought, why Google is not doing it by themselves. its being done by the google toolbar, but not in the search engine. When i type in Google search engine: “עםםעךק צשפד” (which is “Google maps”) it should return organically in the search results something like: “did you mean Google Maps”.

    My guess is that Google are a bit worried about messing with search results. When they launched the “did you mean” service they had some problems, and they got some back fire about it.
    I can only assume that since the language typos are a small fraction from the entire searches, Google is OK with leaving these kind of services to small fishes.

  6. ripper234:

    Nice link, though I doubt this is really the problem. For most off-country queries there aren’t really any search results, like עםםעךק צשפד, so any “did you mean” here is better than nothing.