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Hello WordPress!

I’ve been wanting to do this for sometime now, and just now got the will & time to move from my old blogspot blog.

I don’t like Blogger anymore. They do not respond at all to support questions, and the automatic method of transferring my blog to a purchased domain failed miserably, even though I bought the domain through Blogger itself!

I contemplated between WordPress and dasBlog as my blogging platform. dasBlog is written in ASP.Net / C#, which is inherently better (and more familiar to me) than PHP, in which WordPress is written. However, I already installed and customized a WordPress installation, and I found on Google 220M references to wordpress vs only 790K references to dasBlog. A rich user base is often reason enough to choose a product over a similar competitor, and since it works rather well and has tons of plugins I’ve decided to stick with it – I don’t think I’ll be spending huge amounts of times debugging and customizing my blog anyway (besides stealing Eli‘s simple anti-SPAM challenge).


  1. Eli:

    Good luck !
    As long as you don’t have to customize it, WordPress is really great. Customizing it means digging in PHP code which makes you want to retch 🙂
    But customization is rarely needed, as you can have anything done with plugins.

    BTW, I really like your comment preview plugin. Which one is it ?

  2. ripper234:

    It took me a while to figure which of the plugins does this :), but it turns out it’s Live Comment Preview (I thought it’s ajax-edit-comments at first).

  3. Eli:

    Cool, thanks. I see you also use the Gravatar plugin. What else ?

  4. ripper234:

    The list of plugins currently enabled on my blog are:

    * All in One SEO Pack
    * Alter Feed Links
    * Clean Archives Reloaded
    * Google Analyticator
    * Google XML Sitemaps
    * Lighter Menus
    * Live Comment Preview
    * Post-Plugin Library
    * Redirection
    * Similar Posts
    * Simple Tags
    * Subscribe To Comments
    * WordPress Automatic Upgrade
    * WordPress Database Backup
    * WP-OpenID
    * WP-Syntax
    * WP Ajax Edit Comments
    * WP Super Cache

    I’m not sure all of them currently work 100% correctly (I tried WP Ajax Edit Comments and it didn’t work for some reason). I installed my wordpress on my own machine at first, and it worked, but for some reason it stopped working when I uploaded the blog to GoDaddy. Also, I have currently disabled Super Cache, it may only be relevant to very high load blogs and I don’t think my qualifies 🙂

  5. Moti Karmona:

    Good Luck with the new Blog platform (excellent choice 😉

    By the way, I also recommend the following Plugins: Akismet, FeedBurner FeedSmith, Maintenance Mode and One Click PlugIn Update.

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