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I am looking for a personal assistant

Due to the huge flurry of Mastercoin related activity, the amount of free time I have has decreased rapidly – just ask my wife.

I am looking for an assistant to help fix that and simplify my life. Job requirements:

  1. Trustworthiness and open communications on both sides is a must
    (“both sides” means you need to be able to deal with criticism and I won’t need to filter myself to you).
  2. You need to be an excellent communicator both in Hebrew and English, verbal and written.
  3. Good personal management / time management skills.
  4. You must be the type of people to always replies to every email they get – I need a “Fire and forget” kind of person that I can delegate things to and just know they’ll get done promptly.
  5. Preferably located in Tel Aviv and mobile, although most work will be done remotely.
  6. Quick learner and motivated, technology friendly.
  7. Bonus: Familiarity with Bitcoin.
  8. Update – Major bonus: I would like to one day find someone who can be trusted with reading, filtering and answering all my email for me. It will be a while before I reach a high enough level of trust with someone for this position, and it is certainly not a requirement at this stage. If you believe you have the qualifications and/or recommendations required to convince me to trust you with such sensitive information, that would be a huge plus.

We can start part time on an hourly basis, and see where this develops. I intend to pay with Bitcoin (you can convert it to ILS if you want).

Please send relevant CVs to




    Can I link to this post in a group for Trans* friendly jobs?

  2. ripper234:

    There is absolutely no need to ask for permission before linking to my site.
    So yes.

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