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I Don’t Like Google Today

If you remember, when Gmail first appeared, Google promised us “we’ll never have to delete another email“. It’s now all about searching your email, and Google will take care of the storage problem for you.

This sounds reasonable, considering file attachments take up most of the space, and Google can easily detect identical files through a (really big) hash table and store only a single copy of every file.

However, I’m currently at 95% capacity of my alloted storage. It’s not my fault, I’m getting big emails, and not deleting them, just as Google asked. I even tried to search for all my large mails so I can delete them in one swoop, but it’s impossible using the current Gmail interface.

Today, I login and find this message. Gmail is kindly offering me to purchase additional storage. Thank you very much! What’s the matter, AdSense not bringing in enough revenue anymore?

This gives me a really bad taste, especially as Yahoo! are now offering unlimited storage for free, for the last couple of months.

A bad one for you, Gmail.


  1. ripper234:

    I just don’t understand why Google refuse to give us the simple option to search for large emails. I know I’m not one of the first Gmail users who encountered this problem.

    This raises the suspicion that the reason this option is missing is because they want us to desperately pay for more storage. I wouldn’t have believed, but I fail to see another explanation.

  2. ripper234:


    I just found this website with a graph of gmail’s space over time. The big change in the slope is about 2 months after this original post. I guess other similar posts (in blogs with more than 12 readers 🙂 might have convinced Google to give us more space.