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I’m visiting the United States soon!

Long lost friends who have moved to the states years ago – this post is for you.

If you want to visit me / have a coffee (in between my insanly busy schedule), drop me a line (Write “URGENT” in your email or message me on Facebook so the email doesn’t drown in my inbox).

My tentative schedule:

  1. Arriving at San Francisco on either 7th or 8th of December (might have some time).
  2. Attending the Future of Money conference in San Francisco on Dec 9th. Busy day, flying to Vegas in the evening.
  3. Attending the Vegas Inside Bitcoin conference on Dec 10-11.
  4. Spending part of the day in Vegas on Dec 12, recovering from the conference. Driving in a car to Utah sometime that day.
  5. Snowboarding at Salt Lake City Utah for about 3 days. Rumor has it that it has the best snow in the world (is it as undecidable as trying to find the best hummus in Israel?)
  6. Either flying back to Israel immediately, or extending my trip for a few extra days if something interesting pops up.

If you want to, and see a way to fit yourself into this schedule, please drop me a line.