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My New Job

Now that the formalities are over, like Tomer and Shlomo, I can now announce I’ll be joining Delver (A.K.A Semingo) on April 1st. Delver is a startup building a social search engine, that will allow you to find information based on your social network.

Starting April I will be in Herzliya daily, and will move back to the center around May.

If you’re interested, you can about us at Techchrunch, register for the private beta or watch our CEO Liad previews Delver at a demo conference.

Oo, and for some reason this next image, which is the first Google Images result for “delver” was blocked by SafeSearch (Google’s adult images filtering), and only showed up when I disabled it. Weird.

Fix broken link to Delver, thanks Sagie.


  1. Tomer Gabel:

    Welcome, etc. 🙂

  2. Moti Karmona:

    Good Luck!

  3. ripper234:

    I’m guessing all Delver employees have a Google Alert on “Delver” 🙂

  4. aviel:

    Welcome aboard (To Delver and to my Google Reader) 😉 !

  5. OrenEllenbogen:

    Welcome dude, going to be one hell of a ride 😉

  6. Pasha:

    Welcome aboard!!