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StackOverflow Overflow

StackOverflow is branching out heavily in the past months. First, SystemFault, a sysadmin-targeted site. Then, they purchased (coming soon) – a site for home users (questions like ‘how to configure my router’).

And now, a meta discussion forum. It seems the process of cloning or ‘flavoring’ SO is now almost streamlined. I wonder how many stack overflows will we have a year from now. In two years? I think it’s rather unfair that only us programmers (and now sysadmins) have such a great resource. What do you think – will SO clone into Q&A forums for other non-computer topics (a suggested name for a law-based SO – ObjectionDenied :))


Apparently,  there’s already a  release date for the platform! Prepare for the onsalught of StackOverflows.


  1. Avish:

    Dude, we should totally integrate with that. Somehow.

  2. ripper234:

    My thoughts were “I should totally buy one or two domains from them”. Of course, I wouldn’t know how to market them, and a stackoverflow without users is worthless 🙂

  3. ripper234:

    Well, as it turns out I am starting one on Magic: The Gathering. Check it out: