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A summary of my history with source control

  • Folder-based, copy-paste VCS. Where was that stable copy again? Ah damn, we deleted it.
  • SourceSafe. Will eat up your files™
  • ClearCase. How do I merge that branch? The ClearCase admin will be here in two weeks, he’ll help you. Hopefully.
  • TFS. Only works within Visual Studio? That’s ok, we’ll just use A SEPARATE VCS to store our java files.
  • SVN. Ah, you mean I don’t need to mark a file I’m editing, only when I actually commit it? Nice. But merges are still hell, and svn update takes forever.
  • git. You mean I can switch to another branch is about 20 milliseconds, and merge in back in a second? Sweet.

The End?

One Comment

  1. Tomer Gabel:

    Once thing that isn’t so trivial is getting commercial Mercurial/git hosting, with all the usual integration options (issue tracking, user management etc.) When JIRA Studio begins supporting dVCS we’ll probably migrate; either that or if we find a better integrated, hosted solution.