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Why do I want to work at Google?

listed Google as one of the companies I was considering to work for. It was a bit difficult explaining my goals to people, as I wanted either “a cool, small startup” or Google, which are very different in nature.

I don’t really have to explain why I consider working at a cool, small startup … cool. Working for Delver for past three years was an amazing experience. I joined Delver to “change the world”, and knew that I personally will take a large part in the effort of a really small, focused and excellent group of people. The openness, desire to learn and improve, and passion were common to almost everyone on the team.

I still have this passion, and there’s a good chance that one day I will either work in a small startup again, or better yet create one from scratch. However, if there’s one thing that Delver taught me is humility. I know I’m a good software engineer, but I also know how much I don’t know, and that I can improve and learn in so many different areas. This is why I made learning my number one goal in my job search. Beyond “changing the world”, I wanted to find a place where I’ll maximize my improvement, my skillz, and my career path. I wanted to meet a lot of smart people, and get the “I’m the dumbest person in the room” feeling on a daily basis.

I think that Google can be this kind of place for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I know from personal experience that startups offer these kinds of opportunities as well. Some people would say the opportunities for learning are greater at startups that any any big company, Google included. Some say quite the opposite, that Google is so unique that it far outweighs almost any other gig.

What’s your opinion? Do you want to work for Google?


  1. Adam Morrison:

    If you haven’t seen this series of postings, I recommend it. It’s by Matt Welsh, who was a tenured CS professor in Harvard and quit to work for Google.

    Why I’m leaving Harvard

    Day in the Life of a Googler

    Does Google do “research”?

    The main question mark for me is how different things are (if at all) in the Israeli office. The second thing is how typical his role there is, given he does have a very different background.

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