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Why I finally installed Chrome

I’ve resisted the Chrome buzz so far, but today I’ve fallen too. Even though Firefox is somewhat sluggish in comparison to Chrome, I like its multitude of extensions and frankly, I’m just used to it.

However, today I finally gave up, because of a missing feature in Firefox – the ability to view source of an RSS/Atom feed. As far as I’ve been able to discern, it’s impossible in FF3 to view the raw XML of a feed (just try opening this feed and clicking View Source). I found several posts on how to manually edit a javascript file to disable this preview, but they must not apply to FF3 because … they didn’t work.

So my workaround was Chrome (haven’t switched over as a main browser though). What’s most annoying is I’m sure there was a way to do this, because before I switch computers a week ago I was able to view the raw feed – I just can’t remember how.


  1. Tomer Gabel:

    Welcome to the fold. 🙂

    There are only two Firefox features (well, one feature and an extension) that I miss in Chrome: Adblock Plus and full-page zoom. I guess it’s only a question of time; Chrome is what, less than three months old?…

  2. ripper234:

    I’m not sure what’s really keeping me in Firefox land, as I don’t use AdBlock. I do use IETab and WeatherFox, I wonder how easy it would be for Google guys to adapt FF’s extension system so Chrome could run FF extension.

    What I like about Chrome in my 3 minute test drive is the View Source – I can’t pinpoint it (especially now that I’m home on a Chrome-less computer), but the screen looked better somehow, not to mention to ability to actually have URLs to View Source. It’s more streamlined (opens up in the same tabs as normal windows).

  3. lorg:

    I agree with Tomer: I use Firefox mostly because of AdBlock. I still installed chrome though, as I wanted to test the website I’m developing on it.