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We’re shutting down Bitblu

The details can be found here.

I’m moving on to become the Executive Director of the Mastercoin project, which is a form of Decentralized Autonomous Corporation.

Exciting and insane times!

A new beta page for Bitblu!

Yuval and myself, and a few others, have been working diligently over the past week, and we’re happy to present the new beta page for our startup – Bitblu.

The site is still not mobile-friendly, we will work out these kinks soon. If you have any sort of feedback, please do report it (you can even open bugs or send pull requests, the site is completely open source).

Wanted: CTO

Want to be the CTO of a new Israeli Bitcoin Startup?

Head over to and learn more.

Things are moving.
Teams are assembling.
Join the revolution!

(Even if you’re not familiar with Bitcoin, but looking for an interesting CTO position, feel free to approach – we’ll teach you all you need to know about Bitcoin)
(Even if not relevant to you, we’ll appreciate a like/share/referral)