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I’ve posted a lot lately,  but I think this post is well deserved. Tomer has recently finished an open source project he’s been working on for quite some time – ant-intellij-tasks. It is an ant task that takes an intellij-format project structures, builds and tests it. We have been using it for the past two months or so, and I must say it has brought great joy to the CI. Before that, we used to maintain two separate sets of files – IntelliJ project files, because that’s our IDE of choice, and Eclipse files, because … that’s how the build system worked. Many a times the build broke because one did not apply a change to the eclipse file, and “it all worked on his machine“. No more (we still have broken builds, but usually not because of compilation errors).

In related news, JetBrains recently open-sourced IntelliJ itself. Tomer’s work is still worth while, simply because there is no other tool we know of that does what it does – however the code there might use some refactoring now that he can simply use portions of the IntelliJ codebase. If you want to help, go on to the project homepage.