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Problems using WaitFor/ASP

Update – eventually I just ditched the whole murky setup and instead used a jsp script. Because sleep() is an integral part of java, it works much better (significantly more consistently) than the ASP-COM integration.

For testing, we need to create an ASP page that simply writes “1” every second.
There is no Sleep() method in ASP, so we used an external COM object called WaitFor.

We had some problems using it out of the box, so my friend Pasha volunteered to help clear up the COM mess. Here is his solution (that worked), in his words:

Deploy the girlie-man WaitFor object:

  1. a. register object using regsvr32.exe c:\tests\waitfor.dll
  2. create empty application in component services
    1. choose type “server application”
    2. give it a meaningful name (like “pasha”, “black cock down” etc.)
    3. define for your application under “properties->identity” to run with some service account (e.g. semingo\integration)
  3. add the component you registered (waitfor.dll) to the application you’ve just created:
    1. choose “install components that are already registered”
    2. check “32-bit registry”
    3. find your component