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Posts tagged ‘Crappy Graphs’

Music Sales

As a new music creator surfaces, his few fans just buy his records. Then, at some point, someone puts it on some file-sharing network and only people that actually believe in paying for music do.

Switch to Google Reader?

I’m seriously thinking of switching to Google Reader (from Feedreader).


  • Ability to check feeds on other computers, instead of pile up a large chunk of feeds to check at night.
  • Ability to quickly mark favorite posts so my readers (you) can get them, instead of having to write a separate post for every post I like.

Cons: Not having a popup on a new item (which can be a boon during movies).

I think I’m switching 🙂

In the meantime, here’s the crappy graph of the day:

Crappy Graphs

My creation:

Look like it’s graph number 874. Not bad.