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Blog opinion survey – please help

Hello dear readers!

I would like to understand my audience a bit better, to help me produce content you will find more relevant. Can you take 60 seconds of your time and fill out this super short survey?

Thanks – your help is appreciated.

Have feedback on Google? Bring it!

Note – this post obviously only represents my personal opinion, and not of Google. Kittens will be killed if you think otherwise.









Now, that we have that out of the way, let me come to the main point. Feedback is important, and I don’t think we’re doing a good enough job getting and managing user feedback. Yeah, I’m starting to use “we” in this context, even though I’m a super fresh Noogler, I’m practicing!

I just remembered that a few years ago (about five minutes after I discovered User Voice), I found a User Voice feedback forum for Google. Over the years, a few people actually found it and voted up my #1 suggestion. Now that I’m a Googler, I might have some small ability to actually move things in Google, even if right now it’s mostly finding the right people to talk to, and asking them about stuff I care about.

So … if you have a feature suggestion or frustration relating to one of Google’s many products – feel free to post it at the feedback forum – I’ll try to do my best to promote these ideas internally.