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Posts tagged ‘Hardware’

Help me buy my new laptop

Hello dear readers,

I am in need for a new work laptop, and would very much appreciate your help in buying one.

This will be my primary and only computer (I have a desktop but I never use it anymore). FYI, I’m located in Israel, where computers usually cost a lot more than the U.S, and it’s often difficult to get computers shipped from abroad.

  1. What do you think about buying it in the US and shipping it here via Mustop? (I used them before).
  2. Budget – I don’t really know the market prices, but I’d hate to pay more than about $2500-3000 for this (remember, Israel prices are higher than US!)
  3. I need something light, it doesn’t have to be ultra-super-duper light. I’m currently using Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 420s which weighs about 2.2 kg, and it’s fine for me.
  4. The Edge’s battery is pretty decent. It lasts for a few hours, and 99% of the time it’s not a problem. Of course more battery life is important, but I don’t need to pay a lot extra for that.
  5. Storage – SSD (or rather, are Hybrids the standard today?). I would like a decent amount of storage. I guess a hybrid with 400-500gb HDD and 100gb of SSD would be good enough.
  6. Memory – is 12-16gb batshit expensive, or should I go with 8gb?
  7. Graphics card – something decent, not uber, but decent. Can compromise on that if needed.
  8. Pointer device – I like the Edge’s point device, open to other models as well.

So – any suggestions for a good laptop model that fits the above requirements?

P.S I would to try and switch my primary OS from Windows to Ubuntu. I expect a huge productivity drop … which might actually make me not do the switch after all, but I’m wondering whether it’s a good strategic move on my part despite the momentary productivity loss and annoyance (FYI I’ve worked with Ubuntu for a few years as a server / terminal system, and worked with Goobuntu a bit at Google).

Prepare For Summer

You know those ads “prepare your car for the winter”? Well, your computer deserves some attention as well.

The summer we’ve been having this March took its first victim – the thermic paste of my old Intel CPU fan has died, causing my computer’s core temperature to get to 90+ degrees and shutdown a few seconds after boot. The fan itself was working OK, but without the conductive thermal layer it was useless. Also, the pins that hold it together to the CPU were not in great shape, and the guy at the hardware store said this could happen again in a month or two.

Since this is only fucking March and we have a long summer ahead of us (plus moving from Haifa to the hot Herzliya), I decided to give our computer a treat and purchase a powerhouse of a fan – the Thermal Take Blue Orb.

The installation of this fan requires removing the motherboard. I tried instead to take a shortcut and juts remove the back panel.

But no good. So, I disconnected all the MB cables,

and took out the motherboard

Consulting with the manual all the way through

And fighting off both our cats

Applied some fresh thermal paste (very important step!)

Screwed the fan back on the top of the MB

Fought off our other cat Nano

And voilà:

The result: my computer is summer-ready 🙂