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Posts tagged ‘Humor’

What do LaTeX, Magical Staves and the Simpsons have in common?

I’m using LaTeX a lot to write my thesis. Today, when searching for something in the complete manual (PDF), I came across this:

Stupid Danish Cops

Funny as hell, “cyber crime” just stole someone’s home computer on allegations of credit card theft.

Science Vs Faith

Not faith in God, which cannot actually be refuted by “contradicting evidence”. Rather, faith in some religion and stories, some of which contradict known scientific facts (= theories proven beyond reasonable doubt), like Evolution.

My First Unfamiliar Reader!

Woo Hoo!

I just got the first confirmed reader of my blog which is not someone I know – Mord Shtern (he receives a link to his blog as a modest reward).

I took this chance to look at some Feedburner stats, and there seems to be a jump in reader count since last month.

This might have something to do with the fact that Yoav shared many of my recent posts as interesting in his blog and/or the fact that Zeirman mentioned me and my post about real time strategy games.

Thanks guys 🙂

If you survived this self-absorbed post you get something in return:

Too Long, But the End is Amusing

Some Comics I Like

  • xkcd – For geeks only! Funny and smart
  • Penny Arcades – For gamers only. I don’t understand over half of it, but the parts that I do are good.
  • PHD comics – For master students and above only? Not very amusing so far. Perhaps I shall stop once I’m no longer a student. BTW, the current one nicely describes what I’m doing yesterday and today, though I’m more light headed than him. Grading papers can be very funny sometimes (one error a student wrote from a “Spot The Bug” – “This function name is too long”)
  • Basic Instruction – So far I’ve seen only the parts Yoav’s filtering out for me, which are all excellent.

An Idea for a Startup :)

Credits to Eran and Aya.

Best Blond Joke Ever

Saw this one a long time ago, but now I finally have a blog so I can spread the fun.

Someone should graph this one. Whoops, they have.