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Posts tagged ‘Martial Arts’

Extended Birthday Week!

Yay, I’m getting a super birthday this year!

This week started with my Kung Fu team moving to a fresh new dojo and celebrating it with a 2.5 hour practice.
Yesterday we played some 2 headed giant Magic: The Gathering game.
Today I’m having a Release Drink (שתיית שחרור)!
Tomorrow there’s another practice.
Thursday I’m doing an “Out Trip Form” (טופס טיולים יוצא – לפעמים אנגלית זה נוראי). Aya is organizing some secret game. She won’t tell anyone the details, but I managed to guess it 🙂 You’re all invited, by the way.
Friday I think I’ll celebrate with my family
Sauterday, we’ll christen our new surfing half-board (בוגי).
Sunday, I’m getting reassigned to the Kirya, then vacation for 2 months, then I’m a true civillian!

That’s all folks