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More Recommenders

A couple of cool things from the guys that run MovieLens:

* SuggestBot – A bot responsible for assigning users of Wikipedia articles to edit that would be interesting to them.
* WikiLens – A general “recommendation wiki”. A wiki with ratings, which aspires to be the one place to get recommendations for stuff. I don’t think it has that much users, which weakens it, but the concept is cool. I want an import/synch with MovieLens, but this feature does not exist as of now.

Read the publication list for more.

Movie Recommendations

First of all, Bee Movie is a good one.
Second, you can view my movie preferences at this page or stay updated on them by this RSS feed.
Third, regardless of my preferences, you should use MovieLens to recommend you of new movies matching your taste. It’s a simple recommender system for movies.

For me, the link for my movie recommendations does not work on Firefox. It does work on explorer, and the entire site works well on Firefox. Weird.