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Posts tagged ‘Politics’

Proposition 8

I usually don’t post about politics, but I can’t let this one slide.
Proposition 8, banning gay marriages in California, recently passed. One of the few places where such couples can feel free, is no longer, because its people voted against it.

Democracy is such a lovely thing, right? It gives the majority of the people the right to be bigots. The people of California have the power to interfere with the lives of gay people and hurt their happiness – when those gay couples did nothing to hurt them.

I’m usually an optimist, I think the world today is so much better than 10, 20 and 50 years ago. It appears that in some aspects, we’re still not good enough.

Paid Military Service Suggested by Amir Peretez

This law passed in the initial vote, though I think it has a snowball’s chance in hell to survive and become reality. Minimum wages for people who serve in the IDF.

I think this is a very good idea. In the dream world where this could actually happen it might be followed by the army becoming more efficient and competitive, layoffs for people that are not needed and just scratch their balls all day long – the end of the IDF as we know it today and the birth of something better.

Of course the money for all this will never come because of political reasons, even though in the long run this law actually saves money. But come on, it’s Israel, what politician exists that gives a shit about the long run?

Occupied Territories

I usually don’t care about many small arachnids in superfamily Ixodoidea, but this comics, based on a true story, is incredible (thanks Yoav):