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Posts tagged ‘Robotics’

Self-Assembling Robots

We continue our robots series with a research project showing self-assembling robots.
Make the cubes 100,000 times smaller and 200 times faster and you got yourself a T-1000.

A Super-scary Headline

The company says this is an urban legend, as robots are still deployed in Iraq.

This was bound to happen sooner or later:

Slashdot reports with the following title:

Robot Rebellion quelled in Iraq.

Soon to be followed by

  • Pockets of robotic resistance remain in isolated areas of Iraq
  • Robots break into robotics command center
  • Iraq to be renamed Robotica, robots all over the world rejoice
  • The U.S in shock as two robot terrorist hijack planes and divert them into the newly reconstructed world trade center
    • Robotica responds that it is not responsible for the actions of every fanatic robot.

Robot Dog

A bit scary, but very cool.