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A few Chrome debugging tricks

  1. If you’re not interested in web development, you can stop here.
  2. Go spend 10 minutes reading this post.

A few things I’ve learned:

  1. Open chrome dev tools, click the gear icon to the bottom right, and take a look at the options … I never bothered to do it, but it’s worth going over this.
  2. Going to try Dock To Right … I always feel there’s not enough room at the bottom of the screen, and it doesn’t have to be this way.
  3. Hitting Ctrl+Shift+F will search all js sources. I’ve wished for this features for a long time and didn’t know it existed!
  4. Ctrl+O will let you lookup a specific source file … much more convenient than browsing through the list of sources.


  1. חן אגוזי:

    the ctrl+O thing is awesome.

    I’ve recently been working on a big-ass web app with tons of plugins and lots of team collaboration. It means that there’s a huge number of js files on the non-minified version, and finding the right one takes a while. This search-file bit is a real saver, donno how I missed it all that time.

    thanks for sharing

  2. mark:

    hello code ninja=)

    Can I ask you a question – what is this debugging gives you (from the google chrome user perspective)

  3. ripper234:

    Debugging is for developers, not for ordinary users.
    It is useful to understand what is wrong with a particular website, or how it works.

    Read more here –