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Posts tagged ‘Debugging’

A few Chrome debugging tricks

  1. If you’re not interested in web development, you can stop here.
  2. Go spend 10 minutes reading this post.

A few things I’ve learned:

  1. Open chrome dev tools, click the gear icon to the bottom right, and take a look at the options … I never bothered to do it, but it’s worth going over this.
  2. Going to try Dock To Right … I always feel there’s not enough room at the bottom of the screen, and it doesn’t have to be this way.
  3. Hitting Ctrl+Shift+F will search all js sources. I’ve wished for this features for a long time and didn’t know it existed!
  4. Ctrl+O will let you lookup a specific source file … much more convenient than browsing through the list of sources.

Ouch, System process is locking my folders!

A devilish problem I’ve had in the past week is the the Windows “System” process was locking a folder or two. This was on a build agent, and was causing problems deleting that folder as part of the build. This was all happening while I was introducing a new build type to our collection – automated system tests using Selenium – and I initially thought some voodoo in Selenium was causing the problem.

LockHunter (a 64-bit Unlocker equivalent) wasn’t able to unlock the folder (though it did well on folders locked by other processes). The problem seemed to go away after a reboot of the build agent, but then came back to haunt me. I tried asking this on SuperUser (StackOverflow’s colorful twin), but to no avail.

Well, last night I finally found the problem – my own computer had an open explorer window on one of the folders in the build server. I believe this window persisted even after an agent reboot. Closing it solved the problem, and achieved world peace.