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A simple rule

If you are ever afraid to talk about something with someone – take this as a sign that says you have to talk to them about it, the sooner the better.

Fear is, in all seriousness, the mind killer.

After you talk about it, whatever else will happen, this fear will go away.


  1. אין לנו שום דבר נגדכם, כל עוד אנחנו לא שומעים עליכם | הלא אנושית מהר כרוב:

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  2. ponetium:

    I believe that although it is great idea to hold in mind, it can be impractical in some situations. Sometimes fear from talking about somthing is a good warning sign that talking about this can make things worse, and cause quite big shit storm (or even more awful consequence). Fear is a feeling that should make us stop and think what causing it (or just start running the hell out of somewhere, or just go and kick some butt). But some time we have no choice but trying to live with it. But I do agree that we have to understand its cause, although it can be harder then it seems (well, at least it is quite hard for me).

  3. ripper234:

    True, like everything this is not 100% true, but the cases where it’s not true should be identified and dealt with.

    Fear is never a good emotion to hold onto.

    It can be an indicator of potentially bad things (shitstorm), but once it has served its purpose and indicated the issue … the fear is no longer useful.

    If you’re afraid of talking to someone about something, stop and think. Maybe there is a legitimate reason to be afraid … a real concern. Identify this concern, and you can decide not to speak … but now that you’ve analyzed the situation, you can stop being afraid.

    You should IMHO always have a plan of action … how to deal with the fear, and its root cause. If you’re employed in a job with a terrifying boss, and need the money – you don’t have to confront him right away, but you should understand that this is not a good, long term way of life, and should plan how to find another job … and start executing on that plan.