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Obama ordered criminal charges against US government employees who don’t report someone they suspect might be a whistleblower

This happened one month ago, I just found it via reddit.

I don’t know about you, but this reminds me too much of the infamous “Ministry of Peace” from good old Babylon 5 (You can skip to 4:30 if you’re low on time), and of course the good old 1984.

I’m sure that if Telepathy was possible, the U.S would start their own version of Psi Corps.


  1. ponetium:

    I don’t know about 1984, but it was the reality for millions of people, and my family too, back in the USSR. Personally, I am not surprised, but this article still makes me sad.

  2. ripper234:

    @ponteium – it’s understandable. People have this perception that “the U.S is a free country”.

    While it’s freer than a lot of places, e.g. Russia … it’s still a scary dictatorship in some ways (Israel is not so different)