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Everybody’s talking about “Viral marketing” and “viral videos”. This is a story of how viral marketing is done right. is a great way to save scheduling time for busy people. If you want to schedule a meeting with me, head on to This simple statement appears at the bottom of my signature, and I tell this to people who want to schedule meetings with me.

This simple idea – that you no longer need two people online at the same to schedule – and its succinct implementation – is spreading like wildfire, with a high vitality coefficient. No marketing. No ad campaigns. Just pure p2p spread – I don’t even try to convince anyone to use it, I just use it myself and demonstrate how it saves time for me.

People are adept at identifying “good shit”, and copying/using that whenever they can. Still waters run deep – such a strategy can work much better than pouring $500,000 into a marketing campaign. Good job MeetMe!

Oh – and thanks David Johnston for introducing me to Meetme – I’ve saved literally hours of my time thanks to this simple introduction.