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Posts tagged ‘Virality’ – viral marketing done right

Everybody’s talking about “Viral marketing” and “viral videos”. This is a story of how viral marketing is done right. is a great way to save scheduling time for busy people. If you want to schedule a meeting with me, head on to This simple statement appears at the bottom of my signature, and I tell this to people who want to schedule meetings with me.

This simple idea – that you no longer need two people online at the same to schedule – and its succinct implementation – is spreading like wildfire, with a high vitality coefficient. No marketing. No ad campaigns. Just pure p2p spread – I don’t even try to convince anyone to use it, I just use it myself and demonstrate how it saves time for me.

People are adept at identifying “good shit”, and copying/using that whenever they can. Still waters run deep – such a strategy can work much better than pouring $500,000 into a marketing campaign. Good job MeetMe!

Oh – and thanks David Johnston for introducing me to Meetme – I’ve saved literally hours of my time thanks to this simple introduction.

Quora just got more addictive

Wow Quora, you sure know how to build addictive products!

New feature: whenever you follow a topic, 2-3 new closely related topics are shown to you. Odds are you will find one of them interesting and follow it … and thus end up in a loop.

I just followed about 20-30 new topics when my original intent was to just follow one. Great UX guys, well done.

If you use Quora and you follow less than 100 topics, you’re doing it wrong. I’m following 966 topics, growing fast. FYI the more topics you follow, the more refined is your newsfeed … but you don’t get more overall noise from the system, just more interesting items better tuned to your taste.