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Migrating from Producteev to Asana

I finally decided to move from Producteev to Asana. We’ve been using it at work, and I think it’s an excellent website so I’ll be using it for all my task management stuff from now on. I have the following projects (some with several workspaces):

  1. CommerceSciences – work stuff
  2. Personal projects – including one-off tasks & repeat tasks (like “Weekly task scrub”, “Check air/oil for my scooter”, “Shave”, and “Do my Taxes” – yeah, I’m pedantic this way).
  3. Draw3Cards
  4. Bitcoin

I’m collaborating on the above with different people. And all this goodness is free!

Thanks Ken Egozi for pointing out Asana to me, and Oren Ellenbogen for pushing for it at work.


  1. Tadas:

    Hey, are you importing any tasks from Producteev into Asana and how? Thanks

  2. ripper234:

    Yeah, I manually imported all my tasks from Producteev.