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My Master thesis is now locked!

I wrote my master thesis in computer science 4.5 years ago, and it was published by my universitry, the Technion. It was always very Googlable – just Google for “Ron Gross master thesis”.

Well, I happened to do this exact Google search today, and found the correct Technion webpage with my abstract, clicked on “Full Thesis Text” to download the PDF … and found that my thesis is now access-locked outside of the Technion network!

What the fuck?

I hate academic censorship. My thesis might or might not be relevant to someone out there (someone actually cited it a few years ago), but there is no reason to have it locked. I did find another technion page that provided full access, but who knows … that might be gone tomorrow as well.

Luckily, I have of course saved a full copy of my thesis in my trusty old gmail. So, for posterity, if you happen to be interested in “Invariance Under Stuttering in Branching-Time Temporal Logic“, go right ahead and download it. Free as beer, and free speach. No subscription required.

BTW, I’m a proponent of the Higher education bubble hypothesis.